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Note Book Distribution

Note Book Distribution

  “My School My pride/ Note Book Distribution”

The Annual note book distribution drive, a unique longitudinal program has evolved as a flagship intiative of Aviratha. This program is part of the Aviratha’s larger involvement in value addition to primary education and infrastructure development of schools.Following are salient features of the program.

What does Aviratha provide ?

Provision of all variety of note books and stationery required for one full academic year

Who are beneficiaries ?

Children studying in Government schools located in socio-economically backward regions or government schools composed largly of children from socially disadvantaged groups. From academic year 2012, only primary schools are being included

How are books provided ?

In January of every year, Aviratha begins a survey of potential benificiaries and calculates required resources. Benficiaries are notified about the intervention prior hand through school teachers. In following July, teams consisting of volunteers delivery books directly to every child in their schools.

How many have benifited so far ?

In academic year 2014-15, Aviratha provided books and stationery to about 1,20,000 children across 140 schools. Dependent on donations, about 20,000 new students have being added annually. Once included, no school till date has been left in following years of the program.


How is the program funded?

The program is largely dependent on public donations raised annually. Corporate entitites also donate in larger values and are acknowledged on wrapers of note books. To ensure continuty of program and longitudinal assurance to benificieries, Avirahta has setup a corpus fund excluisively for this program. Interest earned through this corpus is being used to fund the program as well.  

What are unique features of this program?

  •  All varieties of books provided
  •  Annual continuty
  •  Direct to benificiary
  •  Zero administrative and logistic cost

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