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AVIRATHA meaning ‘INCESSANT’ in Kannada; is a multifaceted ‘Non-Governmental Organization’ engaged in activities of human development. A cohort of well-meaning professionals, from diverse professional backgrounds committed to equitable development of India – make AVIRATHA. This diversity has brought AVIRATHA to carve a niche around broad spectrum of areas. However, AVIRATHA’s core platforms of activity have been

Primary Education

Primary health

Promotion of Kannada and Literature

Promotion of performing arts

Civil Society campaigns

Not limiting to the above, AVIRATHA has also indulged in activities of environment protection, policy advocacy and humanitarian action.

Based out of Bangalore, AVIRATHA works mostly in socio-economically backward districts of Karnataka.

Founded in 2007, AVIRATHA has been managed by a 4 member trust board. However, programs and activities are planned and administered democratically by a body of active members; which has been growing by the year. Till date, the organization has been funded largely funded by public donations. AVIRATHA has also enjoyed patronage of corporate bodies as well.